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St. Theresa School

Summer School 2019

  • Summer School Sessions  – Please contact Renee Harris at rharris@ciu20.org, 610-515-6566
  • Registration Window – Registration portal is available beginning May 13, 2019 
  • Orientation:
    Students should attend a Virtual Orientation Meeting and parents are encouraged to join the meeting.
    Students that have previously used CVP online options are welcome to attend for a refresher.
    Following registration, you will receive information in a Welcome Letter.  The CVP Welcome Letter will contain a link to sign up for a Virtual Orientation Meeting.  


To Register for your course:

 Click on the “Summer” tab and choose the program

Credit Recovery – to recover credits/skills/course work that was not gained during the school year

Please refer to your paperwork provided by your school for program and course guidance.