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If you are signing up for Summer School, please click on or hover over ‘Summer’ on the menu bar, click either ‘Credit Recovery’ or ‘Accelerated Learning’ depending on the program your school recommended, and then ‘Registration’.


During the Regular School Year Process:

1. Contact your school/district to sign-up for CVP.


2. Meet with counselor to discuss classes.


3. Counselor enrolls student through CVP website.


4. Student information received by CVP.


5. Colonial Virtual Program contacts student and parents.  Information will be sent through Email to the student and/or parent.  Orientations will be scheduled either face-to-face in the district or through virtual orientation sessions.

Orientation attendance is mandatory.


6. Students and parents attend orientation. Student’s classes will begin after orientation.


The PRIMARY method of communication will take place through email.  Students are required to check their email every day.  This includes email from within the Learning System and their personal or school email.